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What I Do - Campgrounds, Music, Podcasting, but Mostly Law

I have a lot of irons in the fire, as the saying goes. I co-own and help to operate River Bend Family Campground. I'm actively involved in the non-profit music charity that I founded in 2009, Music Loves Ohio, and the 90s alternative rap cover band that my friend Alex and I started in 2010 - The Winnie Cooper Project. These days I also spend a fair amount of time trying to untangle the mysteries of the JFK Assassination in my podcast - Solving JFK.

But, more than all of those pursuits, providing savvy and cost-effective advice to small business owners, especially in the franchise and music industry spaces, is where I spend most of my time. I'm often asked what kind of matters I handle. Here is a brief sampling of the matters I have recently worked on:


  • Serve as outside general counsel to rapidly growing national restaurant franchisor, handling contract drafting, review and negotiations as well as day to day strategy.

  • Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement reviews, and written analysis, and negotiation

  • Draft Franchise Disclosure Document and assist with franchise development strategy on behalf of multiple new franchisors.

  • File state registrations where required.

Small Business

  • Draft or review asset purchase agreements for the acquisition or sale of businesses (ice cream shop, home health care practice, fire restoration company, online auto parts business, multiple restaurants)

  • Review commercial leases, and provide written analysis, and negotiation with landlords

  • Form limited liability companies or corporations on behalf of start up businesses, including drafting applicable operating agreement documents.

  • File for federal trademark registration.


  • Form 501(c)(3) non-profit entity on behalf of multi-platinum rapper.

  • Review and negotiate songwriting agreement between a Grammy nominated songwriter and six time Grammy award winning songwriter.

  • Assist well-known podcast personality with project to create a new app/saas.

  • Draft and form band agreements.

  • Draft, review, and negotiate recording agreements, management agreements, and publishing agreements.

  • Review and analyze touring staff agreement between instrument tech and global top 50 rock band.

  • Assist sound engineer with business start up for sound engineers.

  • Assist documentary film producer with compiling start up documents to fund a documentary film.

  • Assist multiple bands with member exit agreements.

  • Review, analyze, and negotiate major label agreement on behalf of R&B singer.

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