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The music industry is so popular and competitive that many people don't consider it "a real job." Without a doubt, a career in music is a very real job that requires hard work and, in many cases, a little bit of luck. When an artist is able to break through the noise and reach an audience, that is when more legal work begins. However, it is also important to lay the proper legal ground work before the artist hits. 


There is nothing like the feeling of being in the studio working on a song and then hearing it on the radio. I have been lucky enough to experience this a few times. The music industry professionals, such as engineers, mixers, mastering engineers, producers, and session musicians, are the ones who make the magic happen. 

I work with artists, managers, producers, studio owners, publishers, and record labels to ensure that their legal rights are protected. Music is the passion of my life. I have been playing in bands, writing, recording, managing artists, and promoting concerts since high school. I enjoy using the experiences I have had over the years to help music industry professionals get to where they want to be. 

What I Do For Music Industry Professionals

  • Band agreements 

  • Band divorces 

  • Recording and publishing contracts

  • Management agreements

  • Synchronization and master use agreements 

  • Copyright registration 

  • Trademark registration 

  • Performance Agreements

  • Studio Agreements

  • Co-Writing/co-master owner agreement

Why Crumpton Legal?


  • Wanted to be a rock star since 2nd grade

  • Managed multiple artists

  • Songwriter

  • Musician playing guitar, piano, mandolin, and bass in 3rd ranked cover band in Columbus - The Winnie Cooper Project

  • Production assistant for Clear Channel Entertainment

  • Advised dozens of music clients

  • Served as music lawyer for Grammy award winning producers and engineers. 

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