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Franchising allows anyone with access to capital, organizational skills, and a strong work ethic to be their own boss. In many cases you can even create a somewhat passive income stream. Being a franchisee is a beautiful thing if you find the system that is right for you. If you have clashes with the franchisor or the brand is not what you thought it was, there could be trouble. 

I provide legal counsel to people who are considering purchasing a franchise and have questions about the franchise relationship with their new prospective franchisor. I also work with existing franchisees to negotiate agreements with franchisors, as well as provide counsel regarding day to day business issues and planning. 

What I Do For Franchisees

  • Entity creation, startup, and membership issues

  • Service agreements for sweat equity owners

  • Employee Issues

  • Franchise Disclosure Document review and analysis

  • Franchise agreement and other issue negotiations with franchisor

  • Landlord lease review and negotiation 

  • Acquisitions from other franchisees

  • Business sale/exit from brand 


Franchisors often start with a single unit concept that grows to multiple locations, proving that the concept can be successfully replicated. Some brands are operated by founders. Some brands were purchased by franchisees (that is what I did with the D.P. Dough brand).


I work with emerging franchisors (1-50 units) to grow their brand consistent with their strategy and vision. I enjoy being part of a team and believe I can offer a unique point of view as the former CEO and general counsel of an emerging franchise brand. 

What I Do For Emerging Franchisors

  • Legal entity strategy 

  • Employee Issues

  • Franchise Disclosure Document drafting

  • Franchise Disclosure Document state registration 

  • Vendor agreement review and negotiation

  • Franchise agreement negotiation with franchisees

  • Landlord lease review and negotiation 

  • Acquisitions from franchisees/Sales to franchisees 

  • Brand sale or merger

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