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Small Business Attorney

Small business is the heartbeat of the American economy. In addition to employing millions of people, small business owners are able to pursue the "American Dream" by building their own world where they are their own boss. Regardless of the industry, small businesses share many of the same legal issues. 

I work with all types of small business owners, from experienced serial entrepreneurs to first-time start up businesses. My passion is in understanding your goals to pursue a comprehensive approach to solving your problems. 

What I Do For Small Businesses

  • Ongoing general counsel services

  • Big picture legal strategy

  • Entity creation, startup, funding, and membership issues

  • Service agreements for sweat equity owners

  • Employee issues, employee handbooks, and non-compete agreements

  • Landlord lease review and negotiation 

  • Ongoing contract drafting and negotiation

  • Ongoing employee issues

  • Business sale/mergers and acquisitions 

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